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Preface content

Always focus on the creativity life of office furniture in China, Concerned about the trend of the world with delicate perspective ,collect and introduce fashion designs ; Pay attention to the creative life of office furniture all over the world , reference new designs from different countries.
With more than 10-year experience, this is only a drop in the ocean in the course of history. How to enable enterprises to be invincible and expand the life .

Service purposes

Carefulness is the process of our work
Caring is our what we adhere
Diligent is our fundamental attitude
Rest assured is our commitment
Understanding is our permanent standard

pre-sale service

Accept all kinds of questions from customer and offer relevant product information in time. Provide best and professional advices according to customer’s actual needs and budgets. Help to choose furniture and overall planning of future project. Professional design plane and 3D drawing with advanced computer tech to help customers save more space and get the most cost-effective layout.Special services: Via customer’s office or any of our showroom to setting up "simulation", providing product demonstration, on loan and other services. Invite customer to visit our factory and clear understanding the product characteristics and combination, so as to help customers choose the most appropriate furniture.

Sale service

Contract is made by professional engineers and experienced technical staff of engineering department, or line free technical guidance and training, is responsible for follow up large engineering, dedicated to the construction site to check for security, from engineering design to implement the completion, for clients to get set up.Follow up the orders and the project details, to ensure smooth, furniture installation and transmits to deal with all the details of the construction site and coordination with all aspects of the contact.Explain each to furniture, to guide the right using method and maintenance measures.

After-sales service

Products in normal use shall have five years warranty for free;And provide life-long maintenance services, in order to show our confidence in the quality and the practice of your assurance, promises.Although you have become our customers, we commitment to you but has not yet ended.After-sales service center set up customer files, our professional is responsible for handling all customer consultation and complaints, maintenance and emergency services, and product introduction and goodwill visit etc., to fully take care of all customer needs.During the warranty period, if not man-made damage, maintenance, if can't use, we will give them to replace with new and original.


With the improving of cost in Chinese manufacturing , more and more factories was affected and facing serious export situation . It's very lucky that we can go ahead. Especially our products approval by clients, both the quality and services are improving step by step.
Quietude to reach far horizons, Simplicity to prove high ideals. Everyone want to get some peace and see the blue sky in the city which filled with steel and cement. As direct manufacturer attend this and always take the principle of keep peace from noise. Hope every customer who use our furniture can fully enjoy it.